Get Soft Water!

Scale buildup on appliances, mineral spots on dishes, dry skin, stiff dull laundry. A water softener fixes these problems and saves you money. Get the best water softener for your home!

BEE Home delivery now has quality water softeners from Excalibur Water Systems – a leading Canadian manufacturer of quality water treatment and purification equipment. 

If you have hard water, call us at 519-273-5700 or use our contact form. We’d be happy to offer a FREE quote or discuss a water softener solution for your home or business.

If you like soft water but don't like carrying salt...

Diamond Crystal Solar Naturals Salt
Diamond Crystal Solar Naturals Salt
Diamond Crystal Iron Fighter Salt

Let us do it for you!

At BEE Home Delivery we make it easy for you to get the salt you need for you water softener. We’ll even deliver it right to your brine tank, not just the front door.

We also keep track of the information needed to order salt for your softener so future salt orders will be easy. Just contact us for easy ordering! 

Need Ice Melter for those slippery steps and walkways? Contact us to let us know what you need. We’ll bring it right to your door!

The best unlimited warranties in the water treatment equipment industry - 7 to 20 years against defects & workmanship.

20 year warranty

Three Easy Steps to Better Water

woman holding up glass of water

Start with our quick-and-easy water analysis questionnaire. Just answer a few questions and we’ll help you find the right solution for your water quality problems. 

man calling on mobile phone

Contact us to discuss your water quality concerns and solution options. We can clear up any questions you have about the water quality situation in your home.

Windsor Clean and Protect salt

If you already have a water softener, use our salt ordering and delivery service. We not only deliver to your home, but we bring your salt directly to your brine tank!

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